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The look on his face as she walks down the aisle; the tears of joy glistening in your eyes during your first dance – a Steven Fowler Films wedding movie preserves all of that and more.

Artistically captured, and cinematically edited, our goal is to make your wedding movie interesting to watch every single time. A Steven Fowler Films wedding movie will tell the story of your wedding day in a concise but dramatic fashion by capturing the most pivotal moments. We then carefully digitally edit the most important moments into musical scenes in an elegant, creative and unique fashion customized to you.


Popular for showing at rehearsal dinners and wedding receptions, there is no better way to describe who you are and your story with your friends and family than a personalized engagement movie. 

An engagement movie combines video and digital photos set to music to tell your story.  Voiceovers of the bride and groom recounting their story from the first day they met until the day she said “yes” can also be added. 

Every couple is unique and no two proposals are the same, let a one-of-a-kind engagement movie by Steven Fowler Films show how extraordinary your story is. 

You've spent so much time and energy finding the “perfect wedding dress” that looks incredible on you, wouldn't you like to spend an entire day in it looking glamorous?

A bridal spotlight movie is a creative, elegant, dramatic and fun production that stars the bride, her wedding dress and special accessories while also focusing on her personality. Typically filmed before your wedding day but can also be filmed after your big day, this breathtaking movie can be shown the day of your event to amaze and entertain your family and friends.

Being called to the Torah or Haftorah is a momentous step in a young Jewish life and it marks a proud and joyous occasion that you, your family and friends will want to remember.  Let Steven Fowler Films preserve those memories for you with a Bar/Bat Mitzvah Movie. 

Exceptional mitzvah cinematography doesn't happen by accident; it's the product of experience, understanding and sensitivity to what a Bar/Bat Mitzvah is all about.  For numerous years Steven Fowler Films has created mitzvah movies that our clients cherish and watch time and time again.  We're sure you'll do the same.


Sometimes the perfect gift for a special anniversary can't be found on a shelf in a store, sometimes it has to come from the heart.  Let Steven Fowler Films create an  anniversary movie to help that certain couple remember their special day.  Whether it's a compilation of home movies, voiceovers and pictures or a movie of an anniversary party, we can help you create a keepsake that will be cherished for all time.

Today it seems that you will never forget your child's first steps, but memory fades over time – video doesn't.  Let Steven Fowler Films create a special movie of your baby to preserve your memories.  Whether it's a montage of home movies and photos, a tribute to baby's first year or a movie of before they are born, we can make sure that you can cherish these timeless moments in brilliant detail forever.

For more than twenty years our clients have relied on us to preserve the memories of special birthdays, bridal showers, retirement parties, anniversary celebrations and other important events.  Not only can Steven Fowler Films film your special event, but we can create a movie that can be shared with family and friends on the day of the event.


How would you like to give your guests an experience that they've never had before and will never forget?  A Same Day Edit has the power to do that and more!  It's a cinematic, digitally edited movie set to music that captures the most memorable moments from your day. 

Edited on-site, your Same Day Edit will be projected onto the big screen for you and your guests to enjoy during your wedding reception the very same day that it all happened!  It's a powerful and dramatic experience that you and your guests will be talking about for years to come.

Small and intimate or large and grandiose, Steven Fowler Films has the highest quality video projectors that are designed to suit your video projection needs. Are you planning to surprise the bride and groom with a special movie or looking to amaze your audience with a photo montage at your Mitzvah or a Same Day Edit?

Let Steven Fowler Films help you create a sensational and dramatic presentation that will impress and engage your family and friends. Please call the studio to receive an estimate for your next video projection need on 860-245-5195.

A Save the Date Movie is a truly creative and unique take on the traditional Save the Date mailing.  Sent to family and friends on DVD or in the form of an internet video clip, this is a wonderful and unique way to share details about the reason for your big celebration while also sharing important information about your upcoming special event.

A DVD Invitation is a fresh, exciting and unique way to welcome your friends and family to your long awaited special event.  Straightforward or funny, simple or romantic, this personalized invitational keepsake will get your guests as excited about your day as you are and help to make sure that they circle your special date on their calendar.

Your special event has come and come and now it's time to send the many thank you's that you surely have.  The written word is powerful, but it isn't always as personal or meaningful as you'd like it to be.  Rather than trying to express your appreciation with words, show your friends and family how grateful you are with a movie Thank You DVD.

Steven Fowler Films specializes in creating custom slide shows which help you add a personal touch to your special event.  We can combine photos, videos and home movies with music to create a montage that shares your story with your guests.  Whether it's how you met, passions the bride and groom share, the story of your lives or a compilation of your honeymoon photos, Steven Fowler Films can help you preserve your memories and entertain your friends and family with this ever popular musical delight.


Custom design and desktop publishing is one of the things that Steven Fowler Films is an expert in!  We design and print items such as DVD covers, CD labels, wedding invitations, place cards, menus or anything else you may need to create a unique atmosphere for your special day.

Whether you're making CD favors or sending friends and family Thank You DVDs, Steven Fowler Films provides duplication services for all types of CD and DVD and BlueRay media. Ranging from small to large sized jobs, our duplication services include stock, printed labels and cases. We offer very competitive rates and quick turn around times!

Are your old movies, photographs or slides collecting dust in a shoe box in your attic? Let Steven Fowler Films preserve your cherished memories by transferring them to CD, DVD or Blu-ray. These memories transferred onto a digital format make wonderful and meaningful gifts for family and friends. They're also a great way to preserve family history and important events for your children, grandchildren and all of your future generations.

Steven Fowler Films can also add music and narration to your home movies, slides and photos if you wish! Start transferring your family memories today and create a keepsake for future generations.

Imagine your wedding or event movie on a video iPod. It's small enough to fit into your pocket and you can relive your special the day with family and friends any time, anywhere. Maybe you'd like to upload your movie to your personal website, YouTube, Facebook or MySpace? Encoding video for the Internet or video iPods can be a difficult, tricky and technical process. Call Steven Fowler Films on 860 254 5191, and let us encode and host your video for you! We offer competitive rates and a very fast turn around time.

HD is the latest technology in picture quality. Wedding and Event movies filmed in true high-definition reveal unbelievable detail, incredibly sharp images and the most vivid colors. You will truly feel like you are watching a Hollywood production when you relive your wedding day in the clear, detailed 16 x 9 format that HD is so well-known for. Your movie is something that you will cherish for a lifetime; make sure you get HD so your memories will always be as vivid as they were on your special day.

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