This past weekend, I, Kaelyn the Intern, experienced my first wedding reception. I’m 19 and have never attended a wedding I was old enough to remember. Sure, my friends and coworkers have all been to weddings-Steve has filmed just about 1,000-but I didn’t really think I was missing out on anything. My formal event expertise was grounded in the three proms I attended in high school, each one more- I guess I’ll call it ‘economical’- than the last. I figured all formal events were comparable. A wedding reception was a three-hour dance marathon in what I assumed would be a gymnasium somewhere, right?
Maybe that’s the type of reception Mary Ann and Joseph Fanning would have had if they were nostalgic for low budget teenaged gatherings, but once I walked into The Grand Oak Villa ballroom, I realized that like myself, they were not. Instead of shot glasses filled with candles, the centerpieces were large floral arrangements with lit vases that shot off fireworks as the newlyweds made their entrance. The musical selection was, surprisingly, not a sociology teacher that DJ’d on the side, but The Guarnera Brothers Band from New York who did beautiful covers of songs dating back to the 50’s and even some songs in Italian.
The whole reception was beautiful. There was enough gourmet food to feed an army (a very sophisticated army, but an army nonetheless). A photo booth was supplied by Showstopper Entertainment for guests to take super serious, business-like photographs such as this:

Guests could then glue the photos into a book and leave the bride a groom a note (I think ours commented upon how gorgeous the film crew was).
Maybe weddings are a display of how much we’ve matured over the years. When we’re young we don’t care if the food is served out of cafeteria trays or if the decorations all came from a Party City clearance section. Maybe it’s when we’re older that we desire things that are more refined. As I watched Mr. and Mrs. Fanning on the dance floor with their 100+ friends and family members though, I realized that they would probably be smiling just as big and dancing just as hard if they were in a high school gymnasium somewhere. Maybe in the end all that matters is that you have the people you love the most around you. A pyrotechnic dessert table definitely helps though. You found, so will your customers. It's a great label for your website and will help you define your identity on the Web.