WEVA 2010

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What a great time I had at this year’s 2010 WEVA Expo in Orlando. It was fun catching up with my friends Leann McKeon from I Do Video Services and Whit Wales from Whit Wales Event Film Making. I am also very excited to have been able to accept our 39th and 40th overall award […]

The Wadsworth Mansion Trailer

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The orange and red fall foliage clung to the trees as the horse and carriage emerged from the wooded area around the Wadsworth Mansion.  Andrea stepped out of the carriage and into the warm sunlight of the mid day.  She paused for a second absorbing the rays of sun as a cool fall breeze splashed her face.  […]

The Feature of the Month for August is a Photo Fusion presentation we produced in partnership with Stephen Charles Photography. The segment recaps Andrea & Ryan Finnegan’s wedding day from beginning to end in a 10 minute run time using a mixture of images provided by Stephen Charles Photography and video footage we shot from […]

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